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When I first started Juliana and Me Jewelry, I had been hand stamping metal for quite some time, mostly for scrap booking embellishments or just for fun.  I can’t explain how the idea came to me, I think I was in my car when it struck.  “Why am I not making stamped jewelry with this craft?”  

I immediately got to work on my idea, researching materials, fonts, jewelry trends, etc.  I chose 14 karat gold filled and sterling silver for the material to go with, and we currently design hand stamped pendant and bar necklaces and bracelets.  Earrings and rings to come!  They are high quality, durable, and affordable.  

Just a little tidbit.  Gold plated and gold filled are NOT the same.  Gold Filled has up to 100x more gold that gold plated.  Just know, we have chosen to stay away, far far away, from gold plated, due to its likeness to chip and tarnish. 

If you would like to see more of our Frequently Asked Checked, check them out here!

I chose Juliana & Me as the name of our company after my (almost) seven year old daughter, Juliana.  Juliana has overcome some major obstacles due to living with a severe anxiety disorder.  She, along with the help of her family, has persevered and continues to overcome anything in her path.  She inspires me every single day to embrace who I am, to be myself, and to reach for the stars.  

So, fast forward to today, we have made over 200 pieces and have sent them all over the country.  We have a 5 star review average.  I make pieces via private orders, our ETSY shop, and our new (ish) beloved designed by me site, Jullianaandme.com.  


Our mission statement is: Inspire joy.  Be unique.  Embrace the journey.

I have built our business around these words.  Your journey is your life story.  What words, names, dates, define you?  Our hand stamped necklaces and bracelets are designed around the important and most memorable moments of your life.  From an engagement and wedding, to the birth of a child, to dance recitals and graduations, to celebrating mothers and grandmothers, to remembering a loved one we’ve lost along the way.  It is all part of our journey.

Hand stamped personalized pendant and bar necklaces made out of gold filled and sterling silver, by Juliana and Me.

Our mission at Juliana & Me is to help you create a piece of jewelry that is so special and dear to your soul.  A piece that is classic, timeless, and meaningful.  A piece that makes the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts from the heart.  

Each design tells its own story.  Your story.  Let us create a piece for you.  A piece that moves the soul when it is seen, touched, and worn. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Juliana and Me Jewelry, I hope you will continue to watch our jewelry company grow!

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